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About us

TheGiftHub.Co Dudes

TheGiftHub.Co founders Mr M and Mr C, are friends since 2001. In 2016, they decide to give a crack in the E-commerce arena. Moving their lives from a different country they were willing to change their path forever.  It was the extraordinary cultures from different countries that inspired the first gifts. The dudes wanted to create gifts to stand out of crowd.  Gifts that you can take everywhere and stand out because the style and design.

Oscar and Mauricio are likeminded, free spirited and fun. We like to travel, to experience new food and most of all we like to live every day to the full. Our brand is a way of life and we like to keep to our roots. Just crispy, bright and smooth gifts.

Now complete settle in a different country from birth the dudes continues to cracking and be inspired by technology, fashion, style and new culture, making Friends having fun and designing and finding lots of unique gifts.

Our gifts are unique, just for you.

No matter what your age, size, style or likes THEGIFTHUB.CO is for everyone.

Always remember, EVERYDAY !! is a Gift at TheGiftHub.Co