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Vibrant Twilly Bag Ornament Scarf - Match Your Initials



Energize your day with this awesome Twilly Scarf  by creating a difference in your outfit that fits all occasions and situations.
Getting tired of thinking about how to make a difference with your outfit?
Just by adding a Vibrant Twilly Scarf to your bag, neck or wrist making your style trendy and cute.
Wishing to look fashionable? 
These amazing designs will improve your look anywhere you go.
Everyone is crazy about this Vibrant Twilly Scarf so make sure you grab yours ASAP before they’re all gone.
Don’t allow your bag to look the same way every single day.
Upgrade your handBag's Style TODAY!



  • Match Your Name with your Initials - Choose Your Letter
  • 100% High-Quality Silk
  • Softness, soft texture
  • Absorbs sweat and breath well
  • Easy care
  • Eco-friendly
  • Multiuse
  • 100% Stylish
Just for a moment think about all those situations you wanted to have a stylish, casual, retro or trendy look? 
With the Vibrant Twilly Scarf, you can.  Just wrap around the handles of your handbag, and enjoy your NEW LOOK.