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Wireless Bluetooth Portable Mp3 Player Neck Novelty Bluetooth Wearable Speaker Subwoofer Magic Bluetooth Sports Speaker 11.11

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Wondering how to carry on your Mindfulness with you, check out our latest trend in personal listening, YES it is around the NECK Bluetooth Speaker.
Now, you can keep it everywhere and enjoy the Nature Sounds and feed your subconscious mind without giving up your surroundings.
Enjoy positive affirmations everywhere you go or simply Relax, getting empower and motivated every step of your day, NOW THE TECHNOLOGY IS HERE.
This is ONLY for people with interest in MINDFULNESS


Surround Stereo Sound
Enjoy an enriched and immersive audio experience that only Surround Stereo sound can provide.

Hands-free and ears-free
Cut the cords and conveniently stream all your meditation wirelessly and hands-free, staying aware of your surroundings, without disturbing the others.

Intuitive controls
Easily take control of your session without taking off the Soundgear.

Comfort-fit design
An ergonomic shape that leans gently on your shoulders and soft-touch materials that fit all sizes combine to create an unbelievably comfortable audio experience.

Up to 6 Hours Battery Life. Built-in rechargeable battery supports up to 6 hours of playtime on a single charge.

Built-in Micro SD/TF Card Slot. With your favourite meditations or sounds already on the SD/TF card, simply insert and play.
 Now you can assist your personal development. Anytime, anywhere using technology to muscle your brain and keep on top of your life.